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Building a successful product is a challenge. I will be your IT product development manager. Together with my team we will create your apps. We did it for leading companies and startups.

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Apps and software I have build for Enterprise Clients and Entrepreneurs



Data Collection SystemWeb & Android

Together with Boeing developers and under my product management we succesfully builded data collection system for leading aerospace company. First part of the app was released in 6th months.


Augmented RealityiOS

Together with Planner 5D team we created iOS apps that allows create a room using Augemented Reality Kit (ARKit).


DNS changeriOS & Android

With Surfshark VPN developers we have created DNS changers that uses DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS protocols.


Virtual RealityAndroid/Windows

With Planner 5D developers we created feature that allows users see their home design project using Virtual Reality glasses in 3D enviroment.


Machine LearningWeb

Planner 5D came with idea that they could detect regular floor plans and make rooms based on that. We developed the concept and succesfully implemented.


2D and 3D modelingiOS/Android/Web

With Planner 5D we developed brand new applicationas that turnned their focus to mobile first. Brand new Android, macOS and Windows applications. Also upgraded web and iOS applications using native technologies.

We proud working with


BoeingWeb & Android Apps

We started partnership 2021 and still working with them helping build Data Collection System for Android and web platforms.



We worked with them since 2019 till 2020. Helped to build DNS Changer applications for iOS and Android platforms.


Planner 5DAndroid/iOS/Web/Windows

We started our partnership in 2015 and still working. Helped to launch many apps including Web app, Android, iOS and Windows.

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